August 19th, 7-9 pm at CRANE ARTS, Gray Area Gallery



August 19th, 7-9 pm at CRANE ARTS, Gray Area Gallery, 

1400 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19122


-X’Cambó is a multi-channel interactive video installation and print series dealing with the interaction of humans and nature over time. 

-After being asked by Mina Zarfsaz (a curator, artist, and professor at Temple University) to be in my first solo exhibition – This new work, X’Cambó is a large scale, site-specific video installation being show at The Crane Arts building on Saturday, August 19th, 7-9pm. The opening reception event page is here. 


How The Project Came About:

-For the past year I have been collecting and documenting video, stills, and audio from remote areas in Mexico, Canada, and the USA. 

-After two other successful Kickstarter projects: The Darkening of Spaces and Hack Philly, I have decided its time to make a new body of work – X’Cambó is a culmination of this work – I will be showing both this video installation and also a series of prints. 

-The funds raised from this project will go towards the large expense of building an installation of this scale and complexity. 


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About Andrew Cameron Zahn:

Andrew Cameron Zahn is a new media curator / artist / designer based in Philadelphia. His work is inspired by the intersection of nature and technology, using generative digital and new media processes to create new ways of visualizing data, information and form. Using multiple systems to build interactive installations, sculptures and prints, he is constantly reprocessing and reinterpreting the world around him. Always staying in the interstitial spaces between disciplines, Zahn’s work is constantly straddling the line between art, design and performance.

To learn more visit: ACZahn.com